Dates – Popular Fruit in Malaysia

Many fruits and vegetables are grown in the tropical climates of Malaysia and they are considered one of the best fruits and vegetables to have a date. Most of these fruits are very delicate, have a flavor that is light and sweet and are low in calories. They are also very healthy and nutritious for you as well.

Dates are grown in the Middle East region and they are known for their exotic beauty and fragrances. They were used to make the perfume and colognes of ancient time and have a variety of flavors and colors. The Arabic language refers to them as “Shuwa”. Nowadays they are cultivated all over the world in tropical climates.

Dates can be eaten fresh, or they can be preserved by drying them and making syrup or juice. These fruits are often used to make desserts that taste good like the ones you get in Europe. In Malaysia the fruit is also used in a lot of the desserts. They are made in different ways depending on what part of the country they are grown. It is said that dates have a high content of sugar, therefore the use of sugar in desserts is not advised.

Dates are easy to grow and their harvest season is usually from mid-January through March. The best way to get these fruits is either through local produce shops or online. Online is probably the most convenient method, since it saves you time and effort when buying this fruit.

When buying these fruits, keep in mind that they may vary depending on the region you live in and the climate that you have. In general, they are sold as small and round fruits. Some people say that they resemble a grape.

You should check on the fruit and ask them for a photo before you buy it. This way you can get a better idea of the color of the skin and the taste. The best fruits to have in your date are the ones that have a clear, uniform color. You can also use some of your imagination when making the arrangement of the date to ensure that it looks attractive and beautiful.

To add to your date, you can include other fruits in it like grapes, oranges and dates. You can also choose to mix and match fruits if you do not have a lot of the fruit of your choice. Try and experiment with the combinations you have and see which ones look better together. You can even put strawberries on your date to give it a fruity flavor.

As for the texture, some people say that these fruits are a bit crunchy and others prefer them soft. Some even say that these fruits have a silky feel. It really does all depend on your taste and the way you want to have it cooked.

To give your date a longer shelf life, you should not dry them out immediately after harvesting. Instead, just store them for at least one day or so to let the moisture come out from the fruit.

After it has been preserved properly, you can take a fresh date out of the jar and store it inside a plastic bag. You can keep it in your refrigerator for up to three months at a time. If you want to have the date in the freshest state, you can leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

Another way of preserving your date is by freezing it. This is a good alternative especially if you have a large batch to freeze. freeze in advance.

These fruits are great as gifts because they are affordable and easy to make. You can easily make your own recipes to serve it with. You can even put in fruits that you like such as mango, cherries and bananas.

Finding the Right Dates Fruit Exporters

The best dates to import into Australia are those exporters who can make sure they only deal with the best exporters. Dates are one of the most popular fruit that can be imported into Australia, and many exporters know this. In order to make sure you are dealing with the right date exporters, take the time to learn what dates are good for importing in this country. If you get the right dates, you will get the highest quality fruit products possible.

The most important thing to remember when you import dates is that the exporters you work with should understand what you need. This means that the exporter you work with should know how to handle the fruit in the way that it will not end up on the side of a road. Because these dates are such an important part of your diet, it’s important to make sure you have the highest quality dates available to sell to the important customer base for your company.

Exporters also know when their exporters are making mistakes. If you notice something off about the date exporters, make the effort to speak to other exporters. They should be willing to help you correct any problems that you see. They are the experts for their industry, so they should be able to help you with anything you need.

A lot of fruit exporters have online presence too. The most important thing to keep in mind is that when the fruit exporters you work with are online, they are also able to provide you with the information you need. This means that if you need to know what dates can work best for you or a specific fruit, they can find out. They also know how to ship the dates to your customers easily and effectively.

Many exporters offer their customers free trials. Many exporters will give you the chance to try out their dates and see if they are right for you. This can be very beneficial, especially for businesses that do not have the money to purchase the dates in the first place. You can then use this information to find another date exporter and buy your dates from them.

Dates are a great choice when it comes to fruit exporters because they are very versatile. This means that they can be shipped in a variety of ways. From water to juice, they can be sent by air, by road or even from land to ship your dates. These dates can go where ever you need to send them, so if they are going to be shipped in one form, it does not matter where they are going to.

When you start looking for dates to import into Australia, you should also think about the fruit exporters that you work with. Find out what their exporters are like and find out who they know. You want to make sure they will work with you and your company’s needs. Remember, there are some exporters that specialize in one specific type of fruit.

Exporters that focus on one type of fruit can have a lot of experience in that field of fruit, and are often the ones that can work with you the most. This means you can use them the most. You can learn what types of fruit you can buy from them and what you can expect to receive from them. This means you are likely to be dealing with the best dates for all of your exporters needs.

Fruit exporters can also help you determine which fruits are best for your business. They have the information that you need to know to ensure that your clients are happy with their dates. When they do this work, they can help you make your business successful. With a little time and research, you can work with any exporters that are willing to work with you.

Exporters have the knowledge of fruit that you need to make your company successful. There is no reason that you cannot work with the most qualified exporters in the business. Make sure that you look for companies that have good experience with the types of fruit that you are working with. and ask for references.

When it comes to finding out which exporters to work with, one of the most important things is to find out which types of fruits they are willing to work with. The company that you work with is the most important thing, but there are many other factors that you will need to consider. Do some research, and learn as much as you can about the exporter before signing a contract. This will make your life a lot easier when it comes to the dates.

Dates Fruits Suppliers Malaysia

Malaysia has its own collection of fruits and dates is a very popular fruit among all the localities of the country. The date palm tree is the best known source of date fruit that has been cultivated in Malaysia for centuries, but it can also be grown in other parts of the world.

Date fruit is now grown widely in countries like Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States. This is because it is more popular than many other varieties of fruits.

Date is available in different colors, sizes and shapes. In Malaysia, date fruit is mainly used for desserts such as kway teow (fried rice cake), banana splits, and much which is a dessert made from coconut and date. These are all desserts made from date.

The best way to preserve the freshness of date is by wrapping the fruit in a piece of muslin and storing it in a cool, dry place. The sun is not allowed to get too much heat on the fruits or they may turn brown. Since date has a lot of water content, storing them in plastic wrap or in air-tight containers will prevent them from spoiling. Refrigeration is not advised because the pulp in it can lose its original shape.

Mango is another kind of fruit that is also grown extensively in Malaysia. Its name is derived from its fleshy fruit. Mango is a favorite snack that people often eat during long periods of time.

The most famous variety of mango is the Mongoose Mountain Mango. It is found at the highest elevations of the mountains of the Malaysian peninsular. The mountain mango has been grown in this region since the 16th century and is considered to be the finest variety of mango.

Mango is also used in cooking because of its mild flavor and aroma. It is used in dishes such as tai kway teow, salted fish, and salads.

Local fruit suppliers in Malaysia can help you choose the right kind of mango depending on the season. For instance, mango is a very popular fruit during the summer season, but is not that popular in the winter season. In addition, the best season for eating mango would be between October and December because the trees are still producing their fruit. at that time of the year.

Mangoes are available in many colors such as green, red, yellow, orange and black. They are also available in various shapes such as round, oval, heart-shaped, square, or oblong.

Other mango varieties include Black Mangos and White Mangos. Black Mangos are harvested from the mountains of Malaysia. It is not as sweet as other types of mango. They taste sweet but have a very bitter after taste.

White Mangos is harvested from the mountains around Penang. White Mangos is sweeter than black Mangos and has less bitterness.

Local fruit suppliers in Malaysia can help you choose the best variety of mango depending on your preferences and budget. In most cases, the best choice is to purchase from a wholesaler. A wholesaler will usually provide you with a more varied variety that you can compare prices from. This allows you to shop at competitive prices.

Mango is a popular fruit in Malaysia and is widely used in cooking. Dates fruits suppliers can be your best source of information when it comes to ordering mangoes for your recipes.

The quality of fresh mango is highly sought after for cooking. If you want to save money when shopping, then consider purchasing mango in bulk from a wholesaler instead of ordering in pieces.

You can even save more money if you can find a local supplier near your area. If this doesn’t happen, then you can always order online. The suppliers usually give you free shipment when you order in bulk.

Date prices may be high when they are shipped in large quantities but there are suppliers who specialize in shipping them. For example, some suppliers in Malaysia specialize in shipping bananas and dates.

Date Suppliers in Malaysia

Most of the dates suppliers in Malaysia are not licensed and thus they do not have any official association with any government department. They do not even have any insurance against any liabilities or losses. As far as the suppliers themselves are concerned, they make a very good living out of dealing with thousands of people in a day. So the chances of them being dishonest and cheating the clients are very less.

The clients themselves cannot protect themselves from all possibilities and they often do not have proper knowledge about any kinds of frauds or business dealings. A genuine date supplier in Malaysia can always assure that he or she is not fraudulent, unethical and illegal. These suppliers provide various kinds of services to their clients and they get the best returns for it.

The date suppliers in Malaysia mostly buy or provide with the dates from local wholesalers in the country itself. The prices of the dates are fixed by the wholesalers and the date manufacturers themselves do not offer the price negotiation option to their clients. The clients just deal with the wholesalers and the manufacturers in their own way and do not try to bargain the prices.

The date suppliers in Malaysia mainly deal with all kinds of suppliers and they never require that the client should have any experience in this kind of business. Anyhow, these companies offer some kind of assistance for the customers in order to help them in the procurement of dates and also in the collection of their monthly payment. These companies usually charge their customers for these services but the clients should never be fooled because it is a very transparent act.

There are many ways through which you can find a reliable date supplier in Malaysia. First of all, you can simply log on to the internet and search for the best supplier of dates in Malaysia. You can select the one that can help you in the procurement and collection of the dates that you are looking for. Some of the most popular suppliers of dates in Malaysia are Jalan Kayu, Jorba, Rata Negril, Dusit and Tun Mustapha in order to name a few.

The best dates suppliers in Malaysia do not charge their customers with any hidden charges so there is no doubt that they are trustworthy and legitimate suppliers of dates. Once you select the date supplier that is best for your requirements, you will be able to save a lot of money in buying the dates online.

If you are looking for the best date suppliers in Malaysia, you should not forget to compare the prices of the different suppliers so that you do not end up spending a fortune on dates from a company that does not provide quality dates. This will give you a fair idea of the various suppliers available and you can choose the one that can give you the best rates.

When you choose a good date supplier in Malaysia, you should remember that the quality of the dates is also very important. If you are going to buy any kind of products from a company that is not providing quality dates, you may need to go in for another company that offers good quality date. In this case, the quality of the products will not be as good and the products you will buy will be of a lower quality.

Quality and price are two things that are important when you are buying the dates online. If the supplier is offering the best quality for the products and the prices are cheap, then the supplier will be able to convince you to buy the product of his choice. Thus, the price and quality of the product that you buy from him must be in line with the price that you have paid for the product.

Another thing to look out for in looking for a good supplier is that he is experienced in the field. He should have been doing this work for quite some time now and he must have enough knowledge about what he is offering for sale. Most importantly, he should have enough money to pay his suppliers because if he cannot afford to pay them, he would not be able to continue doing business in Malaysia.

A date supplier is one of the most important aspects of your online business because your supplier will help you in the procurement and collection of the dates and they will also help you in the collection of the payments. He should always make sure that you do not get stuck at any point of time. If the supplier is capable of handling your business and dealing with the suppliers regularly, then the customer can easily rely on him.

Where to Find Good Quality and Value For Money Date Wholesale

Most of us love dates but do we love them enough to go shopping for wholesale products at discounted prices? We would love to be able to buy our favorite clothes from the best manufacturer, the best handbags from the best brands and even the best computers from the best manufacturers and all at great discount prices. But buying a whole new product can be costly and time consuming.

But with the advent of the Internet, it is now possible to buy high quality date products from wholesale dropshippers. These days, it has become very easy to find the best deals on wholesale products from date wholesalers.

This is possible because in the recent years, most manufacturers have realized the importance of having high quality date products for consumers to enjoy. In fact, some manufacturers have even started producing high quality wholesale products based on their own unique ideas and concepts.

In today’s world, where consumers can do their research online and then buy these products from the comfort of their homes, manufacturers are finding it more cost-effective to start producing such products rather than waiting for consumers to come to them. And this is the reason why they are producing high quality products without losing their competitive edge.

With this, the best date manufacturers are finding it easier to sell their products through wholesale dropshippers. This means that these manufacturers have no need to invest in expensive marketing or advertising campaigns because they can sell their products directly through their websites.

But the best thing about buying products from date wholesalers is that they offer their products at extremely affordable prices. This is because they have bought their products in bulk and therefore have lower overhead costs.

One of the best things about buying your products from a wholesale dropshipper is that you do not have to worry about shipping your items. The wholesalers simply drop ship the products to your doorstep so that you can use them in your home or in your office. So what more can you ask for?

It is also possible to buy from date manufacturers who offer free shipping. Some of these wholesalers even offer the option to buy in bulk or get other discounts on the products and services as well.

One important thing that you need to consider when you are looking for a wholesale distributor is to be aware of how much you should pay. The price that you pay should also depend on the type of product that you want to order. For example, if you need to order high quality and unique dates wholesale products, then it would be ideal to look for a company that can offer products that are higher in quality and value.

On the other hand, if you need cheap quality and value for money items, then you should look for a company that can provide products that are lower in quality but still provide the same quality for its customers. and clients. Most date distributors will offer different packages with different prices.

Look for a reputable company that has been in business for a long time. A reputable distributor should be able to provide products that have been tested by various customers. and proven to deliver quality dates products. You should also look for a company that provides the items at the right quantity at the right price.

Do not buy from the first company that you see because you will get cheated. You should always read their terms and conditions carefully.

Do not forget to look for companies that offer a money back guarantee. If you do not like anything that the company has to offer, you should ask questions to confirm whether you are getting your money’s worth.

Dates Fruit Wholesalers – Tips On How To Find The Right Date Supplier

Have you ever wondered how dates are packaged in wholesale fruit sales? These days, you can find wholesale dates on many online fruit and vegetable stores. If you’ve never purchased dates from this source, then you may be interested in how they’re packaged. This article will help you understand.

The first thing you need to know about dates is that they all have a stem. When they are shipped to your home from the wholesale supplier, they are wrapped in plastic. Plastic is used because it is light and flexible. If they were wrapped in paper, they would be brittle and break easily. Paper breaks easily, which means it would break even faster once it was inside the refrigerator.

As you can imagine, when you get your dates from the wholesale supplier, you’ll want to keep them in their packaging so they don’t break or melt. The plastic wrapping is strong enough to hold the dates, but it isn’t very water resistant. To keep the date fresh longer, you can wrap it in a plastic bag or a container with a lid.

The date is a soft fruit, which means that it doesn’t have much starch or juice. As such, the date will take on a more bitter flavor if you try to eat it quickly after you buy it. In addition to eating the date straight out of the package, you can also use the date as a sweetener or even as an ingredient in some recipes. For example, you can bake a date pie using dates. Simply replace one egg with one date and use your own sweetener.

You can find dates at many fruit and vegetable stores. If you don’t know where to start, simply look for the date section of your favorite grocery store. You may also want to visit your local produce store, which may carry a small variety of these dates. There is nothing wrong with buying fresh dates, which is why some wholesale sellers stock a large variety of dates in their stores.

It may not be very difficult to purchase the dates you need at wholesale prices, especially if you buy in bulk. Some wholesale suppliers offer this, which means you can buy dates that are packed in plastic, but sold individually.

If you want to buy in bulk, though, you might want to check out the dates from a particular fruit wholesaler. Since you buy in bulk, you can buy in larger amounts for less. You can buy as many dates as you need, but at lower prices.

Buying fresh fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices is very popular. Many people love shopping at this time of year because it makes their diet cost effective and healthy. There’s no better way to make healthy choices at your fingertips than to buy fruits and vegetables from the wholesale fruit and vegetable wholesalers. You’ll save a lot of money.

Wholesale dates are great for cooking, baking, or for adding flavor to your dishes. They are often used in a similar manner to sugar, but not really. If you’re looking for something that tastes like sugar, then look into the different dates. Most dates taste like a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

You can find date suppliers that sell the dates in their raw form, or you can buy them in packages. When you buy in bulk, you save a significant amount of money. If you buy in smaller packages, you can save even more money.

When you buy in bulk, you can cut the price significantly. If you want to buy in large quantities, you’ll be able to cut the price drastically when you get to the wholesale supplier. By purchasing in bulk, you’ll be able to purchase a large quantity of dates and put them together and resell them for a great profit.

Of course, there are some other dates you should look into. You can also find date suppliers that can get your dates in a variety of flavors and that sell them at a lower price.

Dates From Around the World

Finding the best dates fruit suppliers can be an overwhelming experience. As with any other business, when looking for quality dates it is important to find one that is established and reliable. This article will provide information regarding dates from around the world and their production process. By reading this article you will have an idea as to what you can expect to receive from a supplier, both in terms of quality and value.

Dates are a group of fruits that are native to the Middle East and therefore are also considered to be a “date fruit”. In fact, the word “dates” is a shortened version of the word “derivative” and refers to a variety of fruits that are cultivated under the same name. In the case of date trees, this would include a number of different trees, with different fruits and coloration. The most popular of these dates are the Hassani. However, there are several other fruits that fall into this classification, including the Kefir dates. These include the Mughlas, the Wadi and the Safaris.

The dates used in the making of date products are grown on farms located in Pakistan and Iran. In addition to that, there are also some that are grown in India. The majority of dates used for date production come from these two countries. However, the quality of the date production can vary greatly. In this case, consumers can expect to get a better deal from dates that are grown outside of Pakistan and Iran.

The dates used in making date production include the Mughlas and the Safaris. The Mughlas dates are a bit more expensive, although they are certainly worth the extra money. The Mughlas dates are grown in Pakistan and Iran. However, they are only grown in the dry climates where the date trees can be grown, and therefore this type of date is not as popular as the others.

The Safaris dates are the most common of all the dates. The Mughlas and the Safaris date trees are grown outside of Pakistan and Iran. Although the dates that are produced are not as widely available as the Mughlas and the Safaris, they can still be found in some grocery stores. The Safaris date trees are grown primarily in India and are harvested before the fruits are fully ripe. The fruit is then processed and sent to different locations. The fruit is then stored until it is ready for shipment.

Although the production of dates can be high-quality, the prices can vary quite a bit based on the number of dates available and the location of the date tree. Most suppliers will allow you to get a good deal on date production by shopping around. It is a good idea to check with many different dates suppliers if you want to save some money.

Dates can be found in a number of places both locally and online. The best way to get dates locally is by visiting the local grocery store or searching through catalogs that sell local produce. It is also possible to find dates online. However, in order to get the most out of your date’s purchase it is important to make sure that you are ordering from a reputable company.

Dating online is easy when you do your research ahead of time. There are also a number of date suppliers that offer free shipping on some of their products. With a little bit of research, finding a date company can be a fairly simple task that will yield high quality dates and the highest quality price.

Dates Fruit Exporters Can Help You Buy the Right Fruit

When you send dates, you definitely get the best fruits. This is mainly because an exporter will know how to best use the fruit to produce the highest quality products. It’s important to make sure that you only get the freshest and tastiest fruits, and this is especially true for dates.

Dates are a fruit that comes from the middle east. You probably don’t even think about getting dates as a snack on your next trip to that part of the world. However, since they’re so popular around the world, exporters will be using them in their products if they can get the perfect type. They’ll also take the time to ensure they’re fresh so you can enjoy eating them on any date of the year.

Exporters need to be able to sell their products at a price that’s reasonable. If the price is too high, they’ll not sell as many products as they would like. On the other hand, if the price is too low, they won’t make as much profit as they’d like. This is why you should only focus on buying the freshest fruit possible. If you can find exporters who have dates for sale, you can rest easy knowing you’re going to get high quality products at the lowest prices around.

Exporters will want to check with several exporters before deciding on which one to buy from. They may be able to work out a deal that benefits both parties. For example, if you find exporters that offer free delivery, you may be able to save a significant amount of money by ordering from them. They may also offer additional discounts or free delivery options if you buy several products from them.

Exporters that can offer you free shipping will be willing to offer you a discount on their rates as well. This is something that most exporters will strive to offer. The only problem here is that it can become hard to know which exporters offer free shipping, because there are so many on the internet.

Asking exporters for advice is a great way to see which ones can offer the best prices. If you go to exporters who don’t specialize in dates, however, you’ll be getting an idea of what’s offered to them by others and which exporters have proven track records. They’ll have a better idea of how the dates they’re offering on the market will fare compared to other exporters.

Exporters who specialize in dates will be able to offer you more detailed information on what kinds of dates they have for you to choose from. This will help you compare dates from different exporters so you can find the one that will work for you.

When it comes to exporters, the Internet is the best way to see what types of dates are available. There are many different exporters online, and you can get a lot of information about each. From the fruits, the dates themselves, to the quality and pricing, you can get everything from these websites.

Dates fruit exporters will be able to offer you a wide selection of products to choose from. These are fruits like apricots, cashews, almonds, gooseberries, peaches, pears, plums, watermelons and grapes.

There’s plenty of fruit out there for people to choose from, but not all of it is going to be good for you. You should choose one or two of these to try out first before spending your money on the many different products available. This will give you some idea of what to look for when shopping for dates. fruit.

It’s a good idea to stay away from fruits that are too big or too small. These tend to turn bitter quickly and can make it hard for you to eat them. Instead, look for ones that are full and have a nice smooth texture. Look for dates that aren’t bruised or discolored, and have no sign of mold or insect infestation.

Exporters will be able to offer you many more details on the products they have for you to browse through. Check on their delivery times, their customer service and price. If you do a good amount of research online, you’ll be able to narrow down the search and find dates that will meet all of your needs.

Why Buy Date Fruit?

The Fruit Wholesale Distributors Association is a national association that helps individuals and companies to find a distributor who can provide them with the quality products they need. This association also offers resources that help people make informed choices when making their purchase decisions. It is important for individuals and businesses to join this organization in order to ensure that they get the best deal for their money.

Dates, also known as “honey-dew” dates or danglers dates, are native to Southeast Asia. They are popular for being rich in nutrients and other valuable nutrients such as calcium and potassium. They are often used for a variety of recipes because they have a sweet taste that is appealing to consumers. The dates in fruits are packed with beneficial nutrients and provide an ideal source of energy for anyone who eats them.

When it comes to buying fruits, dates are one of the best fruits to buy. They have a good taste that is appealing to anyone who eats them. The dates come from the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. The date palm grows in tropical climates and can grow up to 60 feet tall. The leaves of the palm resemble an orange with green, white or red stripes that are located at the tips.

Date fruits are available in a variety of forms, from fresh dates to frozen dates, which is a combination of the two. Fresh dates can be easily purchased and eaten at home. However, if the date palms are over harvested or they are damaged, the fruits become damaged and this results in the loss of the nutrients and other benefits of the fruit.

Dates can be found in fruits, vegetables, juices and breads. They are often made into pies, desserts and candies and can be found at many grocery stores and local bakeries. They are a popular ingredient in foods that have a high sugar content, such as cakes and cookies.

Dates can be found in a variety of different flavors. Some have a sweeter taste and others have a more tart taste. They also come in different colors. They are available in yellow, orange, red, brown and red, and even purple.

Date manufacturers make their products available in wholesale quantities that can meet the demands of consumers. In order to keep prices low, they use packaging materials that require a minimum amount of space. in order to get the products out into as quickly as possible.

The Fruit Wholesalers Association offers members discounts on their products. Members are able to save money because they are able to receive their products at a much lower cost than those sold in retail stores.

Dates fruit wholesalers offer a variety of products. Some companies sell them in bulk amounts, which means that the items will not be used up too quickly. They may also provide you with discounts for multiple orders.

Wholesalers will usually supply you with a free estimate of the date fruit that you will need. This estimate will help you make your decision as far as which date variety you will purchase. for your business. The wholesaler will also provide you with a variety of date fruits to choose from.

There are dates available in many different colors, such as yellow, orange, red, black, white and purple. You can purchase them in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Most companies offer discounts for bulk purchases. Because they are sold in large quantities, they have a much larger selection of date varieties and products.

Date Fruit – Malaysia’s Specialty Foods

The exotic flavours of the dates fruit is something that has been a favourite with Asian and European people for centuries. It is not surprising then that it is such a popular ingredient in many Asian dishes today. Its exotic nature makes it very hard to replicate with a modern kitchen. This article will give you an overview of dates fruit.

What are dates? They are small round brown fruits that have a very sweet flavour. Their unique flavour makes them one of the most popular fruits in Malaysia, but they can also be found in different countries in Asia including India, Egypt and China.

How do you make dates in Malaysia? First off, all dates must be ripe so that they have a sweet taste. The best time for them to be ripe is just after the middle of December, which is when they are at their peak quality.

How can you get dates in Malaysia? Well, you will be surprised to learn that you can actually buy them in the supermarket. Fresh ones are quite expensive however, so you will need to visit some markets and check out what is on sale.

The next step is to decide which type of date you want to use. There are actually three main categories: black, green and red. Each one has its own characteristics and their uses vary. You should try to find fresh ones because they are the tastiest, but they will be hard to come by in your supermarket.

The black date is probably the most popular. It has a strong flavour but does not have too much pungent smell. The green date has a more subtle taste, which can actually mask the pungency and give the black date a more subtle and natural flavour. Red dates are the most expensive but are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants that can help to ward off cancer.

So how can you eat dates? There are various recipes that use them, such as salads, desserts, meat and fish and even mixed in with sauces. You can also eat them raw, but the skin is best when eaten raw so you can enjoy the tart flavour and texture.

Now that you know more about the dates fruit, go out and buy some! or visit your local market and pick your own local produce to get your hands on some great dates!

Freshly picked, these are great to eat for breakfast. They can also be enjoyed later on in the day as snacks, especially if served in a smoothie. Another great way to enjoy fresh dates is to freeze some and store in air-tight containers so that you can have dates whenever you want.

To make these dates more interesting you can add fruits and vegetables to them, such as figs and raisins. If you like something a little more exotic, you could even add some fresh mangoes, pineapples and apricots.

The best way to enjoy fresh dates is to make a drink from the pulp or seeds. These can be blended with water or juice and used for instant energy. and a cool shake is good for your body as well. Or you could even eat them pureed with honey.

Other than being delicious, dates are also an excellent source of fiber, protein, vitamin B6, iron, calcium and phosphorus. They are also very good sources of vitamins A and C. So drink up and enjoy the health benefits.

In Malaysia, dates are usually eaten in many of the popular dishes. One of the main ones is karma or kebab, which is a traditional dish made using dates mixed with spices and other ingredients. Another one is badass, which is made using fresh dates cooked with herbs and spices.