Planting my beloved dates

In order for my date palm to bear fruit, its palm clusters must be pollinated. An issue that can be seen in most of the other date palms. Usually, pollination time is late winter and early spring, in the months of March and April.

Piarom changes color in early August and turns yellow. which is a little out of gas at this time, and becomes sweeter. Then, at the beginning of September, the color of dates turns brown and gradually becomes wet. Piarom’s date syrup is extremely delicious and palatable, and among other types of dates, it is known as the best and best date or date syrup.

Of course, dates are rarely harvested in a wet state and they mostly allow the dates to lose a little moisture. At the end of September or the beginning of October, depending on the region or village where the dates were grown, they harvest the ripe dates.

I love date packaging

Piarom date is usually packed in big cartons. In this regard, Green Diamond company has been picking or harvesting and packing Piarom dates according to the highest international standards using the most advanced harvesting and packing machines. which has easily been able to sell these dates well and with the highest quality in the international and domestic markets.

One of the main requirements for packing and storing Piarom dates is its storage conditions, which can have a significant impact on the sales quality of this product.

It is better to store this date in a cool environment away from moisture.