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This oval-shaped date is one of the best-selling dates in Iran and the world because of its special color, wonderful taste, and of course, its storage conditions are very simple and it has many fans.

Zahedi date has an egg or oval shape. The end of this date is narrow and sharp. This date is consumed semi-dry and raw. It has a yellowish color, which of course changes to yellowish brown when wet. In general, Zahedi dates should be considered as dry dates and are classified in this range.

Zahedi date is cultivated in different parts of Iran and its palm is one of the palm trees resistant to different tropical weather conditions. This date is mainly cultivated in the cities of Kazerun, Khorramshahr, Ahvaz, Qir and Karzin, Farashband, Barazjan, Bushehr, Firozabad, Lar, Khuzestan and sometimes in other cities of Iran. This date palm is also cultivated in America and Iraq. In general, the best type of Zahedi date is found in Iran, especially in Qirokarzin or Bushehr.

Zahedi dates are often harvested at the end of September, which sometimes continues until early autumn. As described, this date is semi-dry and easily falls to the ground when it is close to harvest, and it is one of the late ripening dates. The prickly and dry type of this date is used a lot, but there is also a wet or semi-dry type.

Zahedi date takes its name from the Arabic Zahdi, which means abundance. This date is high in sugar, and for this reason, it is widely used in the production of edible sugars or alcohol and vinegar. The flesh of this date is 6.35% compared to the seed. Its core is almost attached to the date flesh.