What Are Raw Food Stuff? – Nurse’s Guide

keeping dates

Its storage conditions are between -5 and 0 degrees Celsius. Mazafati Bam dates have black, shiny, thin and smooth skin.

All additional dates in the storage warehouse must be stored under appropriate conditions and standards of the day, at a temperature that does not cause the dates to rot. In addition, the value of additional dates for the body, when these dates reach the consumer; is determined If it is kept in proper conditions, dates will not lose their properties.

Many people don’t even have time to eat lunch during the day because of their busy schedule. Dates are a very good substitute for this.

Many dates can be kept outdoors and indoors. But the storage conditions of this date are somewhat unique. It is recommended to keep this date at home and in the refrigerator for consumption. Whenever you want to use it, take the dates out of the refrigerator three hours earlier and then use them.