Buy Local, Fresh, Dried Products From Malaysia & Others

If you have never tried dates from Malaysia, be prepared to be amazed. This dessert-like fruit has become an international favorite and a staple in many cuisines. From India to […]

Quality Control Methods Used by Ajwa Dates Manufacturers

Ajwa dates is a popular brand of dates that can be found online and in local stores. They are considered the premium quality dry fruit wholesalers with a rich history […]

Get Fresh, Flavorful Date Products From Your Own Home

Finding a Malaysia supplier of dates is not that hard. It just requires you to know how and where to look. With the advent of the Internet, finding a supplier […]

Important Things to Know About Dates From Fruit Suppliers

You can find dates fruits suppliers all over India with their business profile, office addresses, telephone numbers, contact numbers and other email addresses at an easy access through the internet. […]

How to Choose Quality Dates From Reliable Fruit Suppliers

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Buy AJWA Quality Dates Wholesale – Get Good Quality at Low Prices

  So if you’re looking for the right Ajwa dates wholesalers then the first place to check out is Salehoo. This online directory has thousands of online wholesalers and distributors […]

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What Are Ajwa Dates?

Ajwa (Ajw) dates in Malaysia date back to the colonial era. The locals call them by different names such as Perang or Perl, Putra and Taman. Today, people still use […]

Tips on Buying Ajwa Dates Wholesale

Ajwa Dates are the sweet, brown dates that you might have seen in Ajwa Lake in Malaysia. They’re also known as Malaysian dates and are from the same palm tree […]