Quality Control Methods Used by Ajwa Dates Manufacturers

Ajwa dates is a popular brand of dates that can be found online and in local stores. They are considered the premium quality dry fruit wholesalers with a rich history of supplying fine quality products to both individuals and retailers worldwide. There have been several rumors that the company was originally started by two brothers, but according to one of their distributors, it wasn’t until the mid-nineties that the company really began trading commercially. In fact, they started selling locally produced fine dates as gifts for other retailers and consumers as a fun and unique way to thank them for their business and for helping the company with its goal to become one of the top rated and most trusted dry fruit wholesalers on the internet.

“Ajwans” means “dates” in Karnataka, India, and “ernakulam” means “roasted banana.” So Ajwa dates is simply a delicious version of the original, all natural Brazilian fruit flavored candies. These tempting candies can be enjoyed any time of the day from breakfast, lattes, desserts, and more. You will find that there are many different flavors available including white, black, dark, sugar coated, sugar pasteurized, and pouched.

The primary focus of Ajwa dates retailers and suppliers is to offer excellent prices on high quality product that lasts a long time. The good news is that this fruit is a bit resilient and doesn’t go bad that easily. However, consumers have been known to return to the same flavors over again due to the fruit’s flavor. Because of this, it is important for retailers to keep a fresh supply of these popular products on hand to meet customer demand.

As mentioned above, it is difficult to tell exactly where Ajwa dates originates from since they are considered to be a tropical fruit. Most manufacturers will use various methods to extract the fruit from the trees. Some will use sun dried, or pickling methods while some manufacturers will use frozen methods. The quality of the dates will vary depending on which method the manufacturer uses.

Many of the better quality Ajwa dates manufacturers will offer their products in bulk at discount prices. For example, Sun-Dried Ajwas are sold at a highly discounted rate at most distributors due to the high quality of the fruit, which is dried right before the packaging begins. Many of the discount prices are for large quantities as distributors do not often have a need to store large quantities of the product. Large quantity orders usually cost more to purchase, so it is important to ask your Ajwa dates wholesalers for large orders to minimize cost of production.

If you are interested in buying dates in bulk, be sure to check out the quality control methods that the manufacturer uses. When you purchase dates from an Ajwa dates wholesaler that is known for producing excellent quality products, you will receive a variety of dates to meet all your Ajwas and spice needs. You can find any type of Ajwa date you are looking for by looking online for quality brands and distributors.