Medjool date is the best and most expensive commercial variety in the world. In occupied Palestine, each hectare of Medjool dates with an average yield of 10 tons of dates per hectare generates an income equal to 37,800 dollars. Each kilogram of first-class Medjool dates of this variety is sold at prices higher than 20 dollars in the target markets in the world.

The best way to plant Medjool dates:

The seedlings used for planting must be fresh, healthy and have uniform vegetative growth, at least 30 cm long and have two full leaves (feather-like) so that the seedlings in the field are more than 95%.

Number of palm trees per hectare

If the irrigation system is of the surface type, the pan method should be used and the seedlings should be cultivated in such a way that water does not enter the heart of the seedlings. In surface irrigation systems, irrigation operations are recommended in spring and summer (until the beginning of the wet phase) with a cycle of 4-7 days, depending on the soil and region conditions. During the wet season and ripening of the crop, in order to prevent the crop from getting sour, the irrigation intervals should be increased. In the drip irrigation system, it is recommended every other day in the hot and dry seasons and three days in the cold seasons.

Planting distance: According to international standards, the most appropriate distance for establishing commercial palm groves is 868 meters (156 trees per hectare), 979 meters (121 trees per hectare) and 8710 meters (125 trees per hectare).