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There are many varieties of dates, one of the tastiest and most popular of which is Kabkab dates, which are sold in the market in two types, fresh and dry. The properties and benefits of kabkab dates and kasht kabab dates are countless, the most important of which are the presence of iron, fiber and potassium.

The color of Kabkab dates is dark brown and it has a long and elongated oval shape and a soft fleshy texture.

Daily consumption of 3 dates provides 23% of our body’s daily needs, and the presence of iron and potassium prevents anemia.

Roasted dates

One of the dates available in the market is the Kabkab date, which has an elongated oval shape with a mild sweet taste, and is dark brown to light yellowish brown in color and has a soft texture. The most cultivated and harvested Kabkab dates are in Khuzestan and Hormozgan and also Fars province.

Dates are for the country of Iraq, during the past years, date seeds and seeds have reached other countries of the world, and dates are now found in most countries of the world.

In the April season, the date palm flower appears, which is known as the palm tree, and in the July season, the palm seed is revealed, which is the same as the date seed, and it is green in color, and in the August season, the date fruit is yellow or red. It turns out that at this stage the fruit is edible, and in the month of Shahrivar, the fruit is completely ripe and has turned into a brown, soft flesh that has a delicious and sweet taste.