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Rabbi date has many fans among domestic and foreign customers

Fortunately, this date has a good export market.

Pakistani dates are less sweet than Mazafati dates. It also tastes very good. According to many people, this date before it becomes semi-dry. It has a very delicious taste. And it is even tastier than extra dates.

As explained, this date has many fans. This has caused it to be sold before it is harvested from the tree. Usually, its customers place an order for Rabbi date products one or two months in advance.

Not only in Iran, but also among European countries, Rabbi date has a lot of demand.

Still, a lot of work needs to be done to introduce this type of dates to the world markets. Because Rabbi dates are known in the world as Pakistani dates.

This date is known as Pakistani date

Of course, the reason why this date is known as Pakistani date, among other countries, is that Rabbi date, known as Pakistani date, is sold in the world markets by Pakistanis. This has made this brand famous.