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The main and most important date in Sistan and Baluchistan region is Rabbi date or Pakistani date. which is very important in terms of economy and production in this region.

Pakistani dates are known as one of the main types of dates in Iran. These dates are known as the most important dates in Iran, along with dates such as Astamran dates, Shahani dates, Kabkab dates, or Mazafati dates.

In general, Rabbi dates are considered to belong to different regions of Sistan and Baluchistan province.

It is often planted in the cities of Zabul, Saravan, Chabahar and Iranshahr. But in other date-growing parts of Iran, examples of this date can be seen a lot.


Rabbi dates are meaty and relatively large dates. The best type of this date is produced in Zabul and Iranshahr. The color of this date turns green in the moist ripening stage.

These dates are generally considered semi-dry dates. Date seed is small compared to its flesh. due to the stickiness of the shell to the core, and the good texture it has; It is easy to wash and maintain.

At the time of ripening, this date becomes completely black. And sometimes it tends to dark brown.

The appearance of Rabbi date

Rabbi dates have a long and elongated appearance. It is also easy to maintain. Because it is semi-dry, it is better to store it in a cool temperature.

Generally, these dates are harvested in the middle of September. which sometimes lasts until the beginning of October.

There is no need for a refrigerator to store this date. And a dry and cool environment should be considered for this. Also, it is better not to store it for a long time like other dates.

Rabbi Khark dates are red in color. Its moisture is green. And when ripe, it is black or dark brown.

This date has a lot of juice and is known as the earliest date in Iran and the world.