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What is the difference between wet and dates?

Dates go through four stages to become fully ripe. The third stage is called wet. At this stage, the moisture content of the product is high, and its sugar is low.


Harvesting is traditionally done by male workers in baskets woven with palm leaves. The product is collected under the tree by male or female workers. When collecting, date products are transported to cold storage in plastic boxes with ventilation holes. Transportation of 80% of the extra dates produced is taken by truck or van to the cold stores in Bam city.

Major problems at this stage:

Expensive shipping costs

Waste when transporting the product

Not packing

Proper loading and unloading of dates

  1. Date packing is one of the important date marketing services. This stage is usually done in cold stores and by female workers. The size of the packages varies from 250 grams to 1 kg. The packages have a variety of shapes and colors.

Depending on whether dates are exported or for domestic consumption. The size, shape and material of the packages are different from each other.