Raw Foods – Best Anti Aging Pores And Skin Care



2 glasses of wheat flour equal to 500 grams

500 grams of rotab or dates

Quartered walnut seeds as desired

200 grams of butter or oil

Half a teaspoon of cardamom powder

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon

Powdered sugar or pistachio powder for decoration

  1. Pour butter or oil into the pan to heat it up. Then add the wheat flour to the oil and stir with a spoon under medium heat until the flour is fried. Pay attention that high heat causes the flour to burn and smell. Also, whole meal flour gives a better taste.
  2. After frying the flour, add cardamom powder and cinnamon to the flour and oil mixture. Remove the pan from the gas after frying a little.
  3. Place a quarter of a walnut inside the dates instead of the core and close it with hand pressure. Then put the dates side by side in another container.
  4. Pour the mixture of flour and butter (oil) on the dates so that it covers the whole surface.
  5. Put the color container in the refrigerator for an hour until it hardens. Then decorate the surface of the dish with any desired amount of pistachios and powdered sugar.