Fiber is very nutritious and has amazing properties. Fiber is mostly found in plant foods and fruits.

Fruits with high fiber involve:


Whether in sauce, toast, or salad, avocados are widely used for their rich, creamy flavor and healthy fats. There are 9 grams of fiber in each medium avocado, which means you need about 3 avocados to get your daily fiber.


Apples are especially rich in soluble fiber called pectin. With 4.4 grams of fiber per apple, it takes about 7 apples to get your recommended daily fiber intake. It only takes a few minutes to slice and eat them!


Strawberries are also a good source of vitamin C. You can cut a few strawberries and add them to your fruit salad to add flavor and fiber. You may need to take this fruit with other high-fiber foods or a supplement like Metamucil — about 6 cups of strawberries are needed to get the recommended 28 grams of fiber per day.

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Can you eat 9 bananas a day? One of the diverse and favorite fruits of all the people of the world is banana, which has about 3 grams of fiber in one medium-sized fruit. Bananas are filling and a great way to add some fiber to a meal or snack.



About two cups of raspberries a day will provide you with the daily fiber you need. This fruit is very tasty and you can use it in your delicious desserts or in a smoothie and mixed fruits.