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Kurma Mariami

Kurma Mariami AA: Exploring Dates, Grading, and Price Points

    Introduction   In Malaysia, dates, also known as “kurma,” hold immense cultural and culinary significance, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Among the vast array of date […]

Kurma Medjool Malaysia

Kurma Medjool Malaysia: Unlocking Value and Quality in Date Shopping

  Exploring Kurma Medjool Malaysia Kurma Medjool, known as the “king of dates,” is a highly sought-after variety renowned for its large size, rich flavor, and luxurious texture. When shopping […]

Kurma Ajwa

Discover the Exquisite Ajwa Dates Malaysia

Welcome to the world of Ajwa dates Malaysia, a true delicacy from Malaysia. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to discover the exquisite Ajwa dates […]

Ajwa dates Malaysia

Kurma Ajwa: The Jewel of Dates in Malaysia

  Kurma Ajwa, often referred to as the “Jewel of Dates,” holds a special place in the hearts of date enthusiasts in Malaysia. Renowned for its unique taste, rich texture, […]

High Fiber Food Items

We all know that our bodies need fiber and even though there are many foods that have fiber added to them, many people still suffer from its deficiency. For example, […]

Pembekal Kurma Malaysia

As a Date fruit company, exclusive Date wholesaler, premier Iranian/Saudi Arabia/Algerian Dates supplier and exporter of dates fruit, we always remember our tight belonging to local farmers’ communities, hence we all together create a long-term […]