Fiber is very nutritious and has amazing properties. Fiber is mostly found in plant foods and fruits.

Fruits with high fiber involve:


Whether in sauce, toast, or salad, avocados are widely used for their rich, creamy flavor and healthy fats. There are 9 grams of fiber in each medium avocado, which means you need about 3 avocados to get your daily fiber.


Apples are especially rich in soluble fiber called pectin. With 4.4 grams of fiber per apple, it takes about 7 apples to get your recommended daily fiber intake. It only takes a few minutes to slice and eat them!


Strawberries are also a good source of vitamin C. You can cut a few strawberries and add them to your fruit salad to add flavor and fiber. You may need to take this fruit with other high-fiber foods or a supplement like Metamucil — about 6 cups of strawberries are needed to get the recommended 28 grams of fiber per day.

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Can you eat 9 bananas a day? One of the diverse and favorite fruits of all the people of the world is banana, which has about 3 grams of fiber in one medium-sized fruit. Bananas are filling and a great way to add some fiber to a meal or snack.



About two cups of raspberries a day will provide you with the daily fiber you need. This fruit is very tasty and you can use it in your delicious desserts or in a smoothie and mixed fruits.

Bodybuilding is one of the sports that has many fans, especially among young people, and most of the activities in it require the use of a special bodybuilding diet that includes certain foods. Of course, this diet alone is not enough, and the athletes of this field must be present at the gym at the same time and engage in sports training. If we want to define bodybuilding in a simpler language, we must say that this sport is nothing but training the muscles of the body using stretching exercises or weight lifting. So that the body organs, especially the muscles, get a special external structure. But the main factor in achieving the results of these hard exercises is having a diet plan for bodybuilding.


Most fans of bodybuilding are young people. Most of these young people, in the first stage, quickly go to the bodybuilding diet plan so that they can train their body muscles in the shortest possible time.

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Is every diet plan suitable for bodybuilding?

Most of the young people who want to get a diet plan for bodybuilding get help from their gym trainer. But we must know that choosing an inappropriate or unprofessional bodybuilding diet plan can cause irreparable damage to the body. Especially, it has been seen in cases where the provided bodybuilding food plan does not match the athlete’s physique at all.


In addition, we must note that sometimes the bodybuilding diet may cause malnutrition in a person, or the accumulation of large amounts of a mineral or even fat in the body may cause internal organs such as the liver or kidney to malfunction. And this issue can be considered an important health risk.


This is why extreme care and obsession should be given when choosing a diet plan for bodybuilding. It should be taken into consideration that the purpose of using a bodybuilding diet plan is to increase resistance and physical strength, not to cause weakness and illness!


Of course, the things that have been said should be considered in choosing any diet for any purpose and intention. The condition of maintaining health and maintaining it is a requirement of any diet. For example, diets that are chosen for obesity and slimming should not be dangerous for the person’s body in addition to being effective.

Due to the importance of the topic, my site and the diet have also tried to provide various obesity and slimming diets in this regard. These diets are planned based on the individual’s BMI and are completely guaranteed to be healthy.

Is the bodybuilding diet plan effective for increasing volume?

One of the most important things to know about bodybuilding is that there are many differences between bodybuilding and weightlifting. So that the appearance of body muscles, including abdominal muscles, legs and hands, is much more important than their endurance and strength. It can be said that the muscles of the bodybuilder’s body must be well-toned.

The question that arises here is, can a bodybuilding food plan to increase volume lead a person to this goal? A large number of those who train in the field of bodybuilding choose a special bodybuilding diet for themselves. This bodybuilding food plan is set up so that they first gain volume and then stop this phase, and all this is simply by using the bodybuilding food plan table, which is used in a timed manner along with doing sports exercises.

In fact, the bodybuilding food plan to increase the volume is in a way that the athlete uses a high-calorie and protein-rich bodybuilding diet plan for months and maybe even years, and of course, they also do special bodybuilding exercises until the muscles reach Be as bulky as possible.