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The best dates are produced in Bam city, Mazafati Bam is one of Iran’s date products. Due to the high humidity, this type of date is not considered as a dried fruit.

The extra moist skin of Bam can be easily removed. Mazafati dates have a lot of juice.

Features of Mazafati Bam dates

This date has a large amount of potassium mineral in its inherent structure. The same issue can consider Mazafati Bam dates as a treatment for diarrhea. One of the most important and major date products in Iran can be called Rotab Mazafati date. This date is a type of soft date. Mazafati Bam dates are in high demand both domestically and internationally.

The color of this date is generally dark purple and black. It also has great meat, nectar and flavor. The amount of moisture in the product varies depending on the location of the farm, cultivation and harvest. The size of the quality type of this type of date is between 2.5 and 4.5 cm.

What is the difference between wet and dates?

Mazafati date is the most famous type of date. Sometimes, by mistake, they use the word “moist” for it. In fact, rotab is the freshly ripe fruit of the palm tree. Dates are dried and moist. For example, it is possible to consider the products of grapes, grapes, and raisins that are obtained from the hair tree as the same as kharak, rotab, and dates for the palm tree. This type of date must be stored in the refrigerator.